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Litigation Support & Management

CPM supports and presents your case in the most effective manner through each stage of the process

The stages of the dispute resolution process can progress from change order or claim negotiation through mediation and onto either arbitration or litigation.  CPM supports and presents your case at each stage in ways that will drive the best chance for success at that point.

If the resolution of an issue must proceed to the next level, CPM will be there to perform a complete range of litigation support services as a key member of your dispute resolution team.

CPM Litigation Support and Management Services can include:

  • Change Order identification and valuation
  • Entitlement analysis and development of contractual support
  • Delay, acceleration and time impact analysis
  • Cost estimate preparation & analysis
  • Claim preparation, presentation and defense
  • Preparation of demonstrative evidence
  • Negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation services
  • Preparation of expert reports and expert testimony
  • Analysis of opposing expert testimony and work products